Monday, 7 July 2014

The Needle Felted Circus Rabbitses...

And so another Monday has arrived. At the moment the days seem to just float together for me. I really have to force myself to keep track of them. I bought myself a needle felting kit anyway, and some wool that I had delivered last week. I had this idea of two circus rabbits hanging above the crib and for some reason I wanted them to be needle felted.

 I can tell you on thing about needle felting; it is NOT as easy as it looks. I had to learn this the hard way, sweating away at my work station. These two took me about three days to complete and I just kept adding and adding and adding wool to them.
I think I did pretty well for my first try though and in the end they came out exactly as I wanted them. I will definitely make more of these type of things. Maybe not so cutesy but more like little monsters and creatures.

But for a baby I wanted it cute and fun rather than a bit creepy/cute. I am sure some people might find these little rabbits creepy anyway to be honest. There's just something about things coming out of paintings rather than sitting inside them, that is creepy.

I hope you like them anyway and that you're looking forward to seeing more of these type of things in the future. For now though I am going to rest my poor swollen and sore hands and just take it easy today I think.

I've aaaaalmooooost finished the baby area now. A few more bits and bobs to sort out, but I am not far off.

I am really happy with it and I can't wait to show it off! And I especially can't wait to put my little Nova down in her cot for the first time and see her reaction to all the little creatures and things around her. Awwww baby come out!!! <3

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