Friday, 18 October 2013

Running Low...

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here. Things have been difficult lately and my energy levels are very low. I seem to work around the clock to get things ready for Christmas and alongside that get orders done as well. This have resulted in nothing new at all for months. I find it hard to find the inspiration to create something new as time is very short on my hands. This is not how I want things to be as by being creative and innovative is what I live for, and is what keeps me happy inside. I also want you guys to stay with me as your opinions and comments help me to push myself and Tomodachi to new heights. I have noticed how the viewings have gone down lately both here and at my shop and I know it is all down to me not giving you anything new.
I am working to get things done for Christmas and I will take you with as I work and you will see how much there is to do. Christmas is a crazy time for anyone with a fairly popular shop and as I am working as well as doing Tomodachi this Christmas will be very stressful for me.
This is why I have started early so that I wont have a nervous breakdown at the end of it.
I hope all of you will understand and that you will continue to follow us as we stride towards the future, me and Tomodachi.
Things will change in here for 2014, I promise you that! Just give me a little time and stay with us!
Thank you for being there! <3


  1. Hi Emelie,
    sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! The best of luck with everything ~
    Duni via EBT :)

  2. This IS a busy time of year and it can be difficult. But it's also exciting to be busy and successful, right?

  3. This is my busiest time of year too! I finally had to break down and get a personal planner and map out exactly what I was working on every day so I set time aside for every little thing I wanted to accomplish, whether it be working on orders or blogging. Best of luck to you, maybe you'll get so busy you'll have to hire on help to grow your business! That would be exciting!

  4. You are so busy! You are amazing for getting as much done as you do! Hang in there! I, for one, appreciate that you're busy like me. (It means I won't miss any of your posts because I'm too busy to even stop and look at a computer screen) :)

    New follower from Etsy Blog Team :)

    Brittany @