Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Back to the grind...

My two week Holiday has come to an end. Today I go back to work and it actually feels quite good. I've had two great weeks of which one I spent in Sweden. It was great to go back to see my friends and my Family and I miss them so much. It feels good to get back home as well though. Home is home after all, it's where you got all your things, your routines and well, where you can be yourself fully. I am not great with being away from my home for too long. I think the main thing is that I can't be creative when I'm not at home and that makes me feel uneasy.
Anyway, it's back to the grind and I am swamped with orders! Not that I'm complaining or anything but when you take a week off you have to pay for it when you get back lol! The last of the orders are going out today anyway but I am very tired yet satisfied to have worked hard. It is my life to sew now and when I don't get to do it for a week I get a bit twitchy.
During my holiday I've also become a Second Hand shop addict! I never thought I'd become one, but I guess I was wrong. Me and my better half found this beautiful table for only £20 when we walked past a second hand shop the other day and I just had to have it. I have great plans for it and will let you guys come with as I give this beauty a complete makeover! I can't wait to get started! Getting some paint tomorrow and then you will witness magic (if all goes as I've planned).

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