Thursday, 15 November 2012

Noo-Chi and Yoji...

 First out is Noo-Chi! And I really do apologize... I have forgotten to put him up in the shop! That is so bad of me. But he is there now anyway, so head on over to the Etsy shop if you need Noo-Chi in your life! :)
Now this is Yoji! Finally a completely new design! Tomo has been doing really well lately and it has inspired me to be more creative and to come up with more designs. I still need more colourful materials and the problem is that no one seem to be selling them in the UK. I have found a retailer online from america that have some stunning materials but it took so long for the samples to arrive that I am scared of getting a bigger order. But I think it would be worth the wait case the furs are something else. What do you think? And what would you do in my situation? I need to bring some more colour into Tomo's life!

Anyway, you can find Yoji in the Etsy shop toooooo! >u<


  1. Both of them are totally cute! Since you have probably exhausted all possibilities locally, I would go ahead and order what you want. Better to take a long shipping time than not get the fur you want!

  2. Yoji is my favorite! Too cute! Go for color!

    Jessica from the Doily Duck ... Come stop by and follow me some time :) Thanks!

  3. Those bulky eyes have taken over my heart! I love the idea of giving a skin to your phone. It turns the phone from a useful tool, into a friendly companion!

  4. Thanks all of you! I went ahead and ordered the fabrics! Cant wait to get started with them now. Ooooh how I hate waiting hehehe ;)